3 thoughts on “Property Owner Reviews

  1. Ive been talking with Nichole inquiring about a property her attitude is great,she has patience,very understanding,knows how to communicate, knowledgeable,honest,and i appreciate her taking the time out to help me..Thank you 😉

  2. I have been with Emily’s Rentals & Sales for 7 years now, and as a owner, I have never had any issues with their management style. I have lived all over the world and every time I call the team of professionals at Emily’s Rental I receive first class service. They handle all of my concerns with the ease; this allows me the peace of mind I need. Their ability to manage tenants in a responsible way is unrivaled. They always keep their owners in mind even during the worst times (tenant evictions).

    I have had other property managers, but once I came to Emily’s Rentals, the bitter taste I once had about property managers slowly went away. I’m proud to know there are still trustworthy management company’s out there, and Emily’s Rentals is one of them.

  3. As a property owner, I could not have had a better manager of the property. Many times when I felt I was being mismanaged and called angry and upset, the management of the company heard my complaints, then went line by line how I was being managed correctly.

    Additionally, my house was never vacant for very long. With the company being family run, your home gets attention that big companies can’t. I can not put in words how much it means to have personal, professional service. In 15 years in Army and own homes, by far best management.

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